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We write Sardinia but we read Paradise

Sardinia is the new destination for expat

Why Sardinia is the best choice

take a look at some experience and marvelous spots of Sardinia

Why is Sardinia is described as the new Expat destination? People are drawn to Sardinia’s low cost way of living, amazing climate, beautiful beaches hidden away in coves, and, most importantly, the wonderful Sardinia people.

If Sardinia is on your shortlist, this overview of life in Sardinia is an essential read.

“There are tree regional airports in Sardinia with good connections to other parts of Europe. Alghero Fertilia Airport, Olbia Airport and Cagliari Elmas Airport. The climate most of the year is sunny in Sardinia, and people here are kind and patient. They are not yet jaded by excessive tourism. The landscape and beaches are captivating, the food is very healthy and inexpensive. Even restaurant dining is inexpensive as is good local wine. The quality of life is very high and the cost of living quite reasonable. Food in the outdoor markets is sourced from farms very close by. I have traveled all over Italy over many years and loved every place I visited.

But when it came time to choose a place to live, I realized that Sardinia was an authentic, low-stress region with its own unique character,” said one expat.

Sardinian People

“There are countless pros for me for Italy in general, but living in Sardinia revealed the wonderful nature of the Sardinia people. They are not jaded by tourism, they are patient with those who do not speak the language, they are empathetic, helpful and generous. My neighbors have been welcoming and curious about us Americans moving in down the street. I am so fortunate to have these people in daily contact and it has aided my transition here immensely,” commented one expat in Sardinia.

Cost of living

“Sardinia has much to offer. I prefer country living and like being in an area, with a minimum of tourists and great wine. Sardinia’s living cost is very low if compared to other regions in Italy, and locals treat us very, very well,” said one expact in Sardinia “I would suggest a trip to Sardinia before chose to live here. Search for Alghero, Bosa, Ittiri, Castelsardo, Cagliari and many more. Lovely old style apartments from 100.000 euro plus and friendly beautiful people plus fabulous food! We live here partime from Australia and love it,” wrote one expat.

Healthcare in Sardinia

“You should understand an important characteristic of Italy: that unlike in the USA, things are not at all consistent over the whole country, and this is also often, but not always, true of health care. Each region is different in a number of ways from the other regions, and the differences between the northern and southern halves of Italy are even more stark. I know because I have lived in both Sardinia and Piemonte,” wrote one expat in a discussion about living in Sardinia.

“It’s pretty much hit and miss, really, but be aware that southern Italy is generally more haphazard, laid back (they’ll take care of it domani, domani) [tomorrow, tomorrow], and less accurate.  The people are generally friendlier than northern Italians though, at least that was our experience,” commented another expat.

Many expats in Sardinia purchase private health insurance to have access to private hospitals and be able to travel to hospitals in northern Italy or elsewhere in Europe.

What is the Climate like in Sardinia

“Spring arrives early in Sardinia and the wild flowers are spectacular. I like that it becomes arid in summer because I hate humidity. Fall is gorgeous and the landscape slowly turns back to green. I’m not fond of winter here, but there is only a dusting of snow one or two days for the season. Temps below freezing are very limited. Even in winter, there may be sunny days when you can have lunch outdoors with a light jacket or sweater. There are still some flowers in the garden like camellias that bloom in February. But more often wintertime in Sardinia is when it is humid, rainy and damp.  Winters are short though— 3 months at most,” described one expat.

Some people, who had considered Sardinia but chosen elsewhere in Italy, had a different view of the climate in Sardinia. One said, “I’ve heard a lot about Sardinia. I went there on vacation a couple of years ago. I drove down from Tuscany and passed through the center of Livorno to take the boat till Olbia.  The trip was easy and Sardinia coastline was stunning, said one other expact. 

Make a Sardinia friend

One expat in Sassari explained, “Once you become friends with a local, they sort of treat you like a true family. You will see a very considerate and loyal side to them then. They will do such wonderfully kind things which, will make you question why they behave so intolerably to strangers. I now understand there are aspects to their culture which makes it difficult at times to see just how wonderful they truly are. I do love living in Italy and the good really does outweigh the bad.”

Where to live in Sardinia

It’s not a true con, but people preparing to move to Sardinia should take the time to visit a number of areas, cities and villages before choosing where to live. And, always rent before buying in case you decide to move again.

Tourist Hot Spots

An expat who moved to Cagliari explained, “Housing costs are much higher here than where we used to live outside of Seattle, WA. We pay 1500 euros a month for our apartment. This is probably a little below average as our apartment is on the 1st floor. The higher you go up in floors, the higher the rent. We only paid $1500 in a mortgage payment when we lived in Washington State.”

More Pros of Living in Sardinia

Italian Food

This pro really doesn’t need an explanation. The food in Italy is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!

The Weather in Sardinia is Diverse and Amazing

“One thing you can’t change is the weather; Sardinia has so many diverse climatic areas, mountain, sea, you should be able to find something you love to wake up in every day, just make sure you see it at least once at its worst – in the off season – and then you will never be unpleasantly surprised,” reported one expat.

Sardinia is Breathtakingly Beautiful

“I am surrounded by olive, cherry, and pear trees with a view of the sea. I have come to love it here although it didn’t start that way due to my head demanding the convenience I grew accustomed to in the USA,” said one expat.


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