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Sardinia Expact Guide

Scorri in basso

everything you need to know before arriving in Sardinia

Live your new life

Living in Sardinia offers expats a culturally rich life in a country that has a fascinating history. If there is one place where it is worth moving to Italy, it is Sardinia. Wonderful for its coasts and pristine waters is the dream of many Italians and foreigners. An island rich in many things as well as beautiful nature. Its history, culture, the air that is felt, have a rejuvenating effect compared to the greyness and pollution of many Italian cities, and not only the larger ones, the question arises; What is the best place to live in Sardinia?
For those seeking to understand where it is best to move and live there, several factors must be taken into account. First of all, there is your dream, living by the sea is wonderful in summer and also in spring, while in autumn and winter the places, super crowded for holidays, are depopulated and services are less.
If it is not difficult to spend the winter in a condition of near isolation then one place is as good as another. In the north of the island, the cost of living is higher but only in certain locations. It must be assumed that those who want to come and live in Sardinia already have a monthly income available.
The new jobs, those that are carried out in the world of the Internet can be done anywhere as long as you have a PC and a decent connection to the web. Having said this, it seems clear that there must be a minimum of infrastructures, and the network by now cannot be considered secondary.

Sardinia as an expat destination

If you are moving to Sardinia to develop an existing business or set up a new one, it is important to remember that business is conducted socially. Many job offers are granted through personal relationships; it really is about who you know. The Italians are a welcoming nation, and therefore foreigners who intend to live here will not find it hard to strike up friendships.
Expats living in Italy and Sardinia experience a very high quality of life.
Life here is relaxed and enjoyable, and the Italian people’s vivacious nature means that it is always interesting.
There is a large expat community in Italy, especially in major cities such as Rome and Milan. Many westerners choose to retire to the rural areas where they can live out their years in a relaxed and beautiful Italian countryside.
Opportunities scattered both in the north and south of the island
If Cagliari is perfect for services and proximity to the beautiful sea, to the north there is a variety of small villages that are lovely and make, in summer the luck of the island tourism. One of them is Alghero that approaches the ideal dreamed a bit by all Italians. The presence of the airport completes the accessibility of this charming town located on the north-west coast.
To live in Sardinia does not take much money, a rental of a studio comes to cost about 400 euros, a few tens of euros more to the north. A two-room apartment arrives at 600 euros.Of course we are talking about normal and not luxury accommodation. The average price level is at least 30 percent lower than in big cities like Milan and Rome.
Who chooses Sardinia wants contact with nature and the sea wants to see it in the morning to maybe take a nice walk. The hinterland is also very interesting and all in all not far from the sea. In this sense, Sassari can be a correct choice both for the fascinating place and full of artistic cues both because of the location not in the coast but still close to many beautiful villages to visit, including Alghero. On average, you can think of buying a medium-sized apartment with prices around 90 thousand euros.

Moving to live in Sardinia

While discussing how to welcome tourists, Italian and foreign, in view of the next summer season, the beautiful island of Sardinia is ready to embrace those who decide to move to one of its villages.
The goal is to repopulate the small towns, close to the sea and nature, which over the years have suffered a drastic decline in inhabitants.
There is a small village in Sardinia where many foreigners are moving to live. They come from Germany, France, even Russia and far away Canada. The reason is that houses cost one euro here. Of course, the figure is symbolic, given that in exchange for a super low price the new owner is obliged to renovate and keep the building he buys in order.
The village is that of Ollolai, in the middle of the Barbagia, surrounded by the Gulf of Orosei National Park and the Montes Forest, and is lost in nothing. It is located at about 900 meters above sea level and in winter it is cold. According to the latest census which dates back to 2016, there were 1,289 inhabitants of the village.
However, in an hour you can reach the splendid beaches of Cala Gonone, in the province of Nuoro, or if you go the other way you will arrive at the delightful village of Bosa, near Oristano and the beaches of the west coast. All the more reason to choose to move to live in Sardinia.
The One-Euro Case project was launched by the Municipality of Ollolai and in a short time it had made the rounds of the web. Some abandoned houses that no inhabitant could afford to restore had now become ruins. “I have always thought that the best way to combat the depopulation of small villages is to recover the real estate assets”, said the Mayor of Ollolai, Efisio Arbau, already a year ago in New Sardinia.
It is not the first time that the island has tried to attract new people. There are many proposals that come from the mayors of different countries, struggling with depopulation.
From houses for one euro to the creation of “turnkey” packages: the solutions are the most diverse.

How to live in Sardinia

Living permanently in Sardinia can truly be a splendid idea, a solution that has already intrigued many people and which, in all likelihood, is destined to have an even more important following in the near future. If one wonders why living in Sardinia could be an interesting choice, one cannot fail to immediately mention the quality of life that this region can offer.
In fact, Sardinia is the ideal region for those who want to build a life far away from the chaos of the city and the more typical urban landscapes, an island that can guarantee unprecedented relaxation and physical and mental relaxation. On the other hand, it is no coincidence that the choice to live permanently in Sardinia mainly concerns couples and people who are no longer very young, who wish to spend their old age in the name of serenity and well-being.
But how, then, to live in Sardinia?
The idea of settling on the Sardinian island is for a good percentage of retired people, who therefore no longer have to worry about earning a living and can focus on the desire to live a pleasant old age, devoid of thoughts. At the same time, among the people who choose to establish their residence in Sardinia there are wealthy families, therefore, for example, important capitalists, even foreigners, or entrepreneurs who do not have work requirements to deal with personally. Among those who choose Sardinia as the region for their residence, however, there are also young people of the middle class, who therefore need, like everyone else, to find a job. The professions connected with tourism in Sardinia are very numerous, as a result the Sardinian island is able to offer many jobs every summer.

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Sardinia has a fairly high unemployment rate.
Expats interested in living in Italy would be advised to find a job before relocating to this country, as work opportunities are concise on the ground. Good working knowledge of the Italian language will be a prerequisite in most cases.
There are currently some shortages in the science and IT industries, so people with qualifications in these areas may stand a better chance of finding suitable work.
Sardinia is a region that is ideally suited to host those who intend to definitively abandon the typical daily stress and chaotic urban environments, focusing on the quality of life. In fact, there are already many people who have abandoned large urban centers such as Rome and Milan to live in Sardinia, building a quiet, serene everyday life in close contact with nature on this magnificent island. From the point of view of natural beauty, on the other hand, Sardinia does not need any introduction, being a splendid island and for a good percentage of its territory, almost untouched.
Moving to Sardinia can be an excellent solution for those who want to “give up everything” and live in a more pleasant and healthy way. Sardinia can prove to be an excellent choice for those wishing to move first of all for its very low cost of living.
When we talk about Sardinia we are often led to think of unbridled luxury, therefore of the dizzying rates typical of the most renowned areas, such as the Costa Smeralda resorts, but a vision of this type does not reflect the local reality at all. It is obvious that in these particular places the cost of living is very high, but beyond the very popular areas such as Porto Cervo and the services dedicated purely to the most demanding tourists, the Sardinian island offers a very advantageous cost of living.
This aspect, which concerns anyone who intends to move to Sardinia, an island that can be easily reached via Sardinia ferries for a choice of life, takes on particular relevance in case you need to rent a house: the costs of a rental in Sardinia , in fact, they cannot be even remotely compared to those of the main Italian cities, where real estate owners can afford a continuous upward game, thanks to an ever-strong demand. The costs for real estate rents, already quite low in the capital Cagliari, are further lowered in the other Sardinian cities and in the related provinces, with the sole exception of the most famous tourist areas.


Some facts every expat should know about living in Sardinia

In general, in Italy, unfurnished means a property is empty, except for a bathroom suite and maybe a kitchen sink.
The interest rates charged by many Italian banks are very, very high, particularly for loans.
If you’re a resident and living in Italy, the fees associated with buying a property in Italy can be offset against income tax.
State education is free for the children of foreigners living in Italy, irrespective of whether they’re registered, residents.
After a year’s residence, non-Europeans must acquire an Italian license.


Where to live in Sardinia

The best place to move and live in Sardinia depends on what you are looking for.The island offers a lot and you can choose between the city life with all the comforts typical of an Italian city in all respects, but also live in the coast in one of the countless charming villages that during the summer are populated.Then there are some very particular cases that represent the occasions of a simple and authentic life, and apparently also very long-lived.
If there’s a place worth moving to Italy, this is Sardinia. Wonderful for its coasts and pristine waters is the dream of many Italians and foreigners.
For those who try to understand where it is better to move and live, you have to consider several factors. First there is your dream, living by the sea is wonderful in summer and also in spring, while in autumn and winter the resorts, super crowded for holidays, are depopulated and services are less.
If you have no difficulty spending the winter in a state of near isolation then one place is worth the other. In the north of the island the cost of living is higher but only in certain locations. It must be taken for granted that those who want to live in Sardinia already have a monthly income available.For this reason this choice is made by pensioners in search of a warm accommodation taking advantage of the benefits from the sea.
The new works, those that are realized in the world of Internet can be accomplished anywhere provided that you have a PC and a discreet connection to the web. Having said that, it is clear that there must be a minimum level of infrastructure, and the network cannot be regarded as secondary.


Learning a Foreign Language

Moving overseas often necessitates learning a foreign language as there is every possibility that the country to which your moving has a different language than that of your native tongue.
While English is spoken throughout the world, the extent to which it is in use and understood will vary tremendously and in some countries, you will find that language barriers are a big obstacle in your day-to-day life.
One of the most common tips who are planning a move abroad is to learn the language. If you are able to attempt conversation with the local people you will have a much better chance of integrating and feeling more at home. Intercultural specialists throughout the world all agree that gaining an understanding of your host country’s language will also enable you to better understand the culture and customs of the people. Furthermore, learning a foreign language will give you more confidence and help you to feel more at home.
If you are a trailing spouse, having some knowledge of the local language before you arrive can help you to find a place for yourself in the expat destination. A basic level of communication can help you to deal with problems better and will also improve your chances of finding suitable work. Continuing lessons while living abroad can offer a social opportunity for you to meet new people who are in a similar position to you and make the whole process much more fun.
In many destinations expats survive extremely well without any knowledge of the local language. However, it is always worthwhile to try something new and having at least a little knowledge of the language before you arrive can make sure you get the most out of your experience abroad. This section contains a great deal of practical information about methods of learning a new language together with practical tips that can help your studies. It also contains information on raising bilingual children, providing you with hints and tips for how you may assist their development while they are learning a foreign language.



Living in Sardinia can be an excellent choice for those who benefit from a pension, for example, or in any case for those who have such income as to be able to avoid working; the low cost of living, as mentioned, considerably accentuates one’s purchasing power compared to the Italian metropolises. Even those who need to work, however, can build a new life in Sardinia; It is certainly true that this region does not offer great opportunities in terms of employment, however the thriving tourism offers many jobs in this sector, among which, not to be underestimated, can be to open an agency to sell Sardinia ferry tickets, in great demand during the summer season. A limit, in this sense, is linked to the fact that Sardinian tourism is purely summer, however there are several professionals who manage to live peacefully throughout the year through seasonal work alone, thanks to rather substantial salaries. It is above all workers employed in luxury services and in managerial roles who are able to secure a salary that guarantees a valid sustenance for the whole year, to which are added, of course, the entrepreneurs.
Starting a business in Sardinia can be a really good idea to build a new life on this beautiful Italian island, especially if you can “hit” the most demanding target of tourists, and in this case it is even easier to be able to guarantee profits such as to ensure a comfortable life even in the case of exclusively seasonal work. The choice of Sardinia, of course, is also optimal for the great simplicity with which it is possible to reach other areas of Italy: Sardinia, in fact, is well connected with the peninsula at all times of the year, and from the Sardinian island. you can easily reach the ports of Naples, Civitavecchia, Piombino, Genoa, Livorno, as well as the Sicilian port of Palermo.
If you need to return to your city, even if only for a few days, the journey turns out to be comfortable and quick, even without taking the plane.


Expact with children

Living abroad with children can be quite stressful. Moving to a new country can be very daunting for any individual, but when there are children involved the pressure related to making a success of your new life abroad can be even greater. The experience of living in a new country, however, can be one of the most rewarding ones you can undertake for yourself and your family. Expat children are exposed to cultures and ideas that some adults will never even encounter.
We provide useful advice and information for ensuring that your move abroad is the best possible experience for all of your family. The section includes information about preparing you children in advance, provides insights into how you children may react to news that they are to be relocated and offers advice on selecting an appropriate school for your child’s needs. It also addresses the phenomenon of expat child syndrome and how you can avoid it becoming an issue for your child.


Buy your house at 1€

The most sought after village by the Russians, Germans, French and English, is called Ollolai. It is located in the barbagia 900 meters from the sea level. It’s surrounded by the Gulf of Orosei and the Forest of Montes. The reason why it is a place known and sought after is because of the proposal to sell the houses at 1 euro. Not even 1300 inhabitants who came to mind this form of promotion to keep the village alive.
The new owner has a renovation obligation, but it still looks like a bargain. Various seaside resorts are just a few minutes away so those who have their eyes on this possibility of investment, just wait to see if there is a tourist phenomenon developing. Another place that leapt to the honour of the news is Seulo that has 20 hundred years old on 900 inhabitants is the most important blue zone of the planet with an enviable record.If we widen this particular parameter to the whole island we find that 370 Sardinian inhabitants are more than a hundred years old and even those over 110 years old represent 14% of those worldwide.

When you are in Sardinia do as Sardinian do

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This famous English saying encourages people to behave like locals and adapt to local customs and habits when visiting a place. This is important if one wants to avoid awkward situations, however, even if it is certainly nice to integrate with local people and feel part of a culture, sometimes it’s better to think twice before acting.
Not all Italians behave properly and there are certain habits you should not embrace, as they don’t truly belong to good socio-cultural manners. Misunderstandings can easily come about, so it’s better to underline immediately which behaviors are not part of our culture.

Useful information

take a look at some experience and marvelous spots of Sardinia

Why is Sardinia is described as the new Expat destination? People are drawn to Sardinia’s low cost way of living, amazing climate, beautiful beaches hidden away in coves, and, most importantly, the wonderful Sardinia people.

If Sardinia is on your shortlist, this overview of life in Sardinia is an essential read.

“There are tree regional airports in Sardinia with good connections to other parts of Europe. Alghero Fertilia Airport, Olbia Airport and Cagliari Elmas Airport. The climate most of the year is sunny in Sardinia, and people here are kind and patient. They are not yet jaded by excessive tourism. The landscape and beaches are captivating, the food is very healthy and inexpensive. Even restaurant dining is inexpensive as is good local wine. The quality of life is very high and the cost of living quite reasonable. Food in the outdoor markets is sourced from farms very close by. I have traveled all over Italy over many years and loved every place I visited.

But when it came time to choose a place to live, I realized that Sardinia was an authentic, low-stress region with its own unique character,” said one expat.

Sardinian People

“There are countless pros for me for Italy in general, but living in Sardinia revealed the wonderful nature of the Sardinia people. They are not jaded by tourism, they are patient with those who do not speak the language, they are empathetic, helpful and generous. My neighbors have been welcoming and curious about us Americans moving in down the street. I am so fortunate to have these people in daily contact and it has aided my transition here immensely,” commented one expat in Sardinia.

Cost of living

“Sardinia has much to offer. I prefer country living and like being in an area, with a minimum of tourists and great wine. Sardinia’s living cost is very low if compared to other regions in Italy, and locals treat us very, very well,” said one expact in Sardinia “I would suggest a trip to Sardinia before chose to live here. Search for Alghero, Bosa, Ittiri, Castelsardo, Cagliari and many more. Lovely old style apartments from 100.000 euro plus and friendly beautiful people plus fabulous food! We live here partime from Australia and love it,” wrote one expat.

Healthcare in Sardinia

“You should understand an important characteristic of Italy: that unlike in the USA, things are not at all consistent over the whole country, and this is also often, but not always, true of health care. Each region is different in a number of ways from the other regions, and the differences between the northern and southern halves of Italy are even more stark. I know because I have lived in both Sardinia and Piemonte,” wrote one expat in a discussion about living in Sardinia.

“It’s pretty much hit and miss, really, but be aware that southern Italy is generally more haphazard, laid back (they’ll take care of it domani, domani) [tomorrow, tomorrow], and less accurate.  The people are generally friendlier than northern Italians though, at least that was our experience,” commented another expat.

Many expats in Sardinia purchase private health insurance to have access to private hospitals and be able to travel to hospitals in northern Italy or elsewhere in Europe.

What is the Climate like in Sardinia

“Spring arrives early in Sardinia and the wild flowers are spectacular. I like that it becomes arid in summer because I hate humidity. Fall is gorgeous and the landscape slowly turns back to green. I’m not fond of winter here, but there is only a dusting of snow one or two days for the season. Temps below freezing are very limited. Even in winter, there may be sunny days when you can have lunch outdoors with a light jacket or sweater. There are still some flowers in the garden like camellias that bloom in February. But more often wintertime in Sardinia is when it is humid, rainy and damp.  Winters are short though— 3 months at most,” described one expat.

Some people, who had considered Sardinia but chosen elsewhere in Italy, had a different view of the climate in Sardinia. One said, “I’ve heard a lot about Sardinia. I went there on vacation a couple of years ago. I drove down from Tuscany and passed through the center of Livorno to take the boat till Olbia.  The trip was easy and Sardinia coastline was stunning, said one other expact. 

Make a Sardinia friend

One expat in Sassari explained, “Once you become friends with a local, they sort of treat you like a true family. You will see a very considerate and loyal side to them then. They will do such wonderfully kind things which, will make you question why they behave so intolerably to strangers. I now understand there are aspects to their culture which makes it difficult at times to see just how wonderful they truly are. I do love living in Italy and the good really does outweigh the bad.”

Where to live in Sardinia

It’s not a true con, but people preparing to move to Sardinia should take the time to visit a number of areas, cities and villages before choosing where to live. And, always rent before buying in case you decide to move again.

Tourist Hot Spots

An expat who moved to Cagliari explained, “Housing costs are much higher here than where we used to live outside of Seattle, WA. We pay 1500 euros a month for our apartment. This is probably a little below average as our apartment is on the 1st floor. The higher you go up in floors, the higher the rent. We only paid $1500 in a mortgage payment when we lived in Washington State.”

More Pros of Living in Sardinia

Italian Food

This pro really doesn’t need an explanation. The food in Italy is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!

The Weather in Sardinia is Diverse and Amazing

“One thing you can’t change is the weather; Sardinia has so many diverse climatic areas, mountain, sea, you should be able to find something you love to wake up in every day, just make sure you see it at least once at its worst – in the off season – and then you will never be unpleasantly surprised,” reported one expat.

Sardinia is Breathtakingly Beautiful

“I am surrounded by olive, cherry, and pear trees with a view of the sea. I have come to love it here although it didn’t start that way due to my head demanding the convenience I grew accustomed to in the USA,” said one expat.

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