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Expact in Sardegna

03/01/2021 di clicksardegna

Living abroad in a corner of Paradise

Expact in Sardinia

Ever dreamed of living abroad? What about thinking to move in Sardinia? 

contact us and live the life of your dreams

Enjoy an amazing life surrounded by wild nature and friendly people

Living abroad is one of the most eye-opening experiences that you can do for yourself. It allows you to be challenged in new settings and work through problems you wouldn’t encounter at home so you can develop and grow as a person. Seriously, if you’re given the chance to do it; do it. Any problems you might encounter while abroad are not worse than the regret and forever “what ifs” you’ll have if you don’t go for it. 

We Provide a comprensive guide on how to do in order to live in Sardinia

I’ve been lucky in that I’ve had the amazing opportunity to live in more than a dozen countries, from India to Japan, from Ireland to Cina, and you know what? Still I think that the best life quality is in Sardinia. So, why you don’t try this new experience? 

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Expact in Sardinia

Why ClickSardegna is the best choice?


Direct contact with the owners

We will put you in contact with landlords who want to rent their homes for long periods, and we will help you to make the right choice regarding the best place and the best house where to start your new life in Sardinia


fast responses to your requests

The right timing is essential to find the best solutions for moving to Sardinia. We will start the search and the job for you while you prepare all the documents and tickets to reach Sardinia.


Experience And Motivated Team

Before offering you this service we lived in India as expats for many years, and if we did it, why shouldn't you? Embrace your new life.

Great People Amazing place

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amazing things you didn't know about Sardinia

Italy is beloved by expats, global nomads and retirees.


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